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July 21, 2005



Thanks Mike. Great stuff.
This kind of behavior is everywhere.
When I was growing up, one of my dad's friends used to always say (in front of us teens) "Never trust a teenager" and I grew up believing it.

The is just one example of why teens feel abandoned by their culture and also why, when an adult truly engages a teenager, listens to them and shows respect that kids often respond so well.



I will never forget an incident I had a Famous Barr dept. store when I was in jr high. I was given $50 by my mom and dad for my birthday to buy some new sneakers. I really wanted some green low-top converse sneaks and they felt like I was old enough to go with a friend to the mall BY MYSELF. (it was a big deal then.) I went to Famous Barr and found exactly what I wanted on the wall. I went up to the sales guy and polietly asked to see the shoe in my size. He looked at me with complete distain and mumbled something under his breath. I waited and waited as countless customers, like myself but adult aged, came and were greeted with a smile and prompt service. After about 20 minutes of this, I once again approached the salesman and very polietly asked if he would help me find the size I needed. Once again, the man blew me off. I finally gave up and my friend and I left to go to another store. Not that big a deal in the big scheme, but it basically tainted the rest of the day for me. It felt like sort of a "rite of passage" to be able to go to the mall by myself for the first time. But then to be treated like I was less than nothing kind of messed with that experience. Sometimes I wish more adults could remember what it was like to be young, could put themselves in a position where they at least can empathize, even when they do not agree.

Mike King

That is a bummer story Kristin. If we really treated each other (regardless of age) like human beings that clerk would have made you feel like the Queen of the world...

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