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November 14, 2005


Daniel Greeson

does not Jacob say that when Esau extends forgiveness?

Charlie Pardue

I got to see Les Mis with Kara on opening night, we had really good seats (this my third time) and were able to see the action up close. If you ever get the chance you should pick up the book, as both the movies and musical only are able to pick up a part of the story.

Everytime I watch the movie or musical I walk away thinking what a true Saint Valjean is and what an amazing example of a life devoted to Christ he is.

Stacy Sublett

My wife and I LOVE Les Mis. We've been to see it 3x, and we've read the novel together. I bought her the cds a few years ago. What a truly incredible story of passion, faithfulness, redemption, perseverance, and hope.

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