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April 03, 2006



Well said. Jesus call us to follow Him. That is a lifestyle not just a quick prayer.

As a pastor to students I have wrestled with this for sometime. I can talk just about any student into raising their hands to "accept Jesus." I am more interested in seeing students give their lives to Jesus and entering into the community of believers and living a lifestlye of following Jesus.


Very interesting point. When I started in youth ministry, I worked as an intern under a youth pastor who ran a ministry very centered around "hand-raising." After three years of ministry, he was asked to step down because youth were complaining that they were not being fed spiritually - understandible seeing as how this ministry followed an extremely deep and vibrant ministry. This really reinforced to me that in ministry, numbers aren't everything: the numbers had never been better, but the youth were not content with the watered-down ministry they were receiving.

Personally, I think 'hand-raising' can be a good thing...but it shouldn't be the focus of any youth ministry. It's okay for revivals or conventions, but a youth ministry is there to take youth deeper. It's not about getting them to put their hands up, it's about getting them to live out the decision behind the hand-raising.


Hey Brian and Robert,

Good input. I think the important things is that we talk about this stuff. Youth workers must commit to spending more time thinking deeply about the theological issues impacting the Christian Formation of youth. This is essential.

Peace and Joy,


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