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May 23, 2007


Brian Eberly

Mike I have thoroughly enjoyed reading of all your Africa travels and experiences. What a great opportunity. It was all good until this last post. What a tragedy! As you said..."crime against humanity." Breaks my heart.

Dan Mayes

Sorry your trip ended with such a bummer.

I cringe anytime I see one of these guys.

They are the "anti-Christ" of the televised world. Creflo Dollar (I wonder if that's really his name...or if it's just irony) and Benny Hinn among others. What bothers me is how receptive people are to their prosperity gospel. I can understand it's attractiveness to people who are poor. But they must not realize the secondary implications. If you do what God wants, God will make you rich. Therefore, if you're not rich there's something wrong with you, something sinful. Isn't that the type of notion the book of Job discredits?

Jesus spent his ministry opposing the powers of the wealthy who conspired with the Romans. This "prosperity gospel" is pretty close to the exact opposite of Jesus' teachings.

Anyway, hope you got home safe.

Grant Wood

Thanks for the trip log Mike. It gave me a lot to think about. I had nightmares last night about being held captive by a prosperity gospel peddler. No kidding.

Mike King

Here are a few thoughts that Brian McLaren had on Benny and the Jets... (Jets, my definition -other like minded crazy people)

Benny Hinn posters everywhere. “We like Benny Hinn,” a Ugandan member of parliament told me. “He gives our people hope. They feel that they are locked in poverty, but Benny tells them that God can bless them.” What if their hopes are raised at the crusade and then nothing changes? I ask. “Then they are disillusioned,” he adds, implying that their post-crusade disillusionment is no worse than their pre-crusade despair. I see his point, but still wonder.

A Ugandan man tells us that the ever-present local Benny wannabe’s promise healing from HIV if only the infected will give the “man of God” their car or home or property. When they “sow their seed” and the promised healing or prosperity doesn’t come, a backlog of disillusioned people accumulates. Sometimes they become angry, so the prosperity preachers have to spend some of their own prosperity on armed guards.

Steven Greene

I honestley couldnt stomach the whole video. When he began to justify the need for a private jet, I truly became sick! I am glad however that their are voices as loud as Al Sharpton and Jim Wallis who speak against this "hersey". I wonder if the Ebenezer Baptist Church mentioned is the same Martin Luther King Jr. was a part of? Do you know? Miss you mike, thanks for keeping up on the blogs

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