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November 06, 2007


david lee king

Wow. Honestly, NO curriculum will ever reach teens for christ. That's soley the work of God (obvious) and loving people (apparently not so obvious to Lifeway).

This is the same problem I've noticed for years at christian concerts - the concerts are evangelistic, but only christian kids attend.

In both cases, the target is WAY OFF THE MARK. Our example of a good plan is Jesus - he went to the people instead of waiting for the people to come to him. We need to do the same thing - if we want to reach youth, then we need to go to them (instead of inviting them to a Lifeway party).

Just sayin...


I'd rather see if we can cover this in person in Atlanta at one time or another. I'd hate for my initial comments to come off to crass or cynical.

Jeff Greathouse

Did I miss it or did I not see the word parent mentioned at all there ...

I was under the perception from scriptures that parents play a (cynical voice) small role in this matter ....

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