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February 05, 2008



hey mike -

long time no chat. hope you are well....

this is exciting - good 'ole kc getting on the national news. sweeeet. how did they find out about the broadway v. starbucks? wow.

amazing, i've been in chicago all week long, and i have avoided starbucks for dunkin donuts every morning...

and have become a fan of HiHat as well back home. ...and enstein... am (I) changing also??

talk soon, brother...



i've never been a fan of the sb brand. finally! people are catching on that it's the flavor, not the pomp that truly satisifies honest coffee lovers. long live the independent!


HiHat is a great place also. Well trained and friendly people and good coffee. Great aescetics.

Charlie Lyons Pardue

I especially like the Crave Cafe and Westport Coffeehouse both in Westport. KC has the greatest collection of local Coffeehouses!


Hey Charlie,

We don't have Small World. Have you been there yet? It is right across the street from Princeton University.


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