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October 31, 2008


Zac Workun

first of all, great to meet you last week at the ReClaiming Paul Conference... the entire conference was a much needed therapy for my soul and it was most encouraging to speak with you and worship with you... truly enjoy(ed) your book (reread much of it again as we prepare for our spiritual disciplines weekend with our students)

quick question for you though, enjoyed your use of the chime bowl to call us to worship, where did you find it? my search online has only yielded "toy or desk" size replicas that are fine for personal use but lack the velocity for corporate or communal use...

i excited to learn more about youthfront... i guess i never invested the time to explore the site after reading your book, but i am doing so now.... is there anything that is not included in the site that you could tell me about youthfront?

thanks again for your words and writings of encouragement

Zac Workun
Student Pastor
First Baptist Church of Bethany

Mike King

Hey Zac,

Thanks for writing. I got the chime bowl at the Valyermo Abbey in the High Desert above Los Angeles. Yeah buddy, check us out. We have a conference called Prelude coming up April 22-24 at Youthfront South. It is a theological focused conversation about youth ministry... you should come. We should have info on it soon. Keep in touch.




YouthFront rules. So does prelude; you should go.


Kelly Lowery

I have finished your book and have since read Mark O.'s book Youth Ministry 3.0. As I said before, I am in a unique situation at my church because I have started the process of dismantling what do as ministry to youth here and begun the process with the students of re-imagining what our youth ministry should be all about. Its challenging, but invigorating at the same time. I look forward to sharing our journey with you.

make waves.

Jim Campbell

Mike! Great to see you tonight! hope to catch up with you this weekend... Peace Brother!

Mike King

Hey Kelly,

Cool, I haven't read Marko's book yet. God bless you as you creatively move forward in your youth ministry praxis and philosophy. I would love for you to deep me posted.

Mike King


Thanks for coming to Compline Jim. See you in the morning.


Jeff King

Hey Mike:
I like the prayers. Do you have any good resources where I can find prayers like this? I've been looking for some time, but haven't had much luck.

Mike King

Hey Jeff,

I will send you a file to your e-mail address.


Jim Campbell

BTW Mike thanks for all you do with NYWC... It was awesome seeing you again! I will never forget Compline with "Good Love" ;-) It just shows how God can be Seriously Ridiculous.

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