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February 18, 2009



How do we move teens from being students of ours to students of Christ?

How do we move students from finding worship as music to worship as life?


Good questions. Question two has been a pet peeve of mine "now it's time to worship" shouldn't only mean "now it's time to sing."

Thanks Dusty

moe didde

Hey, good ol' Brian! He taught me so much about youth ministry, and life. Good questions.

Ethan Bryan


By no means do I have answers, but I'd sure love to join the conversation. Random thoughts follow:

Baptism is an important part of our faith journey. I think we baptize most followers too young, and then don't emphasize that baptism is the dying to self, and the raising to new life. What if baptism was followed by an extended period of discipleship and mentoring? An introspective retreat where we learn to hear and discern God's specific call? I'm thinking of something similar to Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises.

About professionally trained YM in the church, I've struggled with this one. If parents are the primary teachers of the faith, then do we need YM's?

About budget, I have had a zero budget youth ministry for multiple years now.

Scripture and much motivation is on the individual, but the importance and passion should be caught in community. We must continue finding ways to read Scripture and pray together.


Hey Ethan,

I love you passion for Jesus, for young people, their formation and for the church. I am an infant baptism proponent. I think the issue is developing a catechism that is comprehensive and compelling for youth to be incorporated into the church in a way that lasts a lifetime. I'm sympathetic to your question on professional youth workers. Wow, Ethan, you do amazing things without a budget. Things that are sustainable and transformational. And I stand up in big time affirmation concerning communal formation.

Peace my brother,



As a student who has been mentored by Ethan, I think I can offer some perspective on how he does so much with so little money.

First, Ethan hates money. I think he'd be drained by his work if it involved a bunch of budget work. Also, not having money means he doesn't have to deal with it and has more time to actually spend with youth.

Second, not having money also means that he's not tempted to turn his youth ministry into an entertainment center that relies on shiny toys. Toys can be good, but they can also become huge distractions, even idols. Instead of playing Wii, the Ethan's kids play 4-square every week-- and they all love it. What does that cost? A ball and some tape, $5.

Third (and most important), Ethan can do so much with so little because he truly invests in relationships with kids. It's that simple. He cares, and we know it.

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