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December 17, 2010


Eric Sundquist

I have thought similar thoughts. Especially at the end of the Dawn Treader I started thinking, "Hmm... I wonder how the movie makers are trying to reconcile Lewis' provocative theology with the warm-fuzzy evangelical version that it is no doubt trying to market to?" (It turns out, I don't think they are; I think the evangelicals with the money get to call the shots on this one.)

What did you think about the scene when Aslan takes the dragon skin off of Eustace? It was pretty watered down in the movie, but in the book it is one of the most powerful images I have from my childhood. Eustace starts scratching and scratching, and each time he takes off his skin, he has another dragon skin underneath. But when Aslan tears him up (a good kind of pain) it all comes off and he is a boy again. Brilliant.


Hey Eric,

The scene with Eustace turning back into a boy is definitely more powerful as written by Lewis than the way it was portrayed in the movie.

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