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January 16, 2011


Ted Arrandale

Oh man that first trailer is so brutal that i couldn't watch it all the way through. I had to pick something up for Kelli at Mardell's over Christmas and that was one of the most creepiest experiences ever. the best thing that I saw was the "believer/ christian" version of guitar hero. i took a picture of that and sent it to Kelli

Jeff King

Oh, my. The first one is agonizing. But at least it has all the required cliches and obvious symbols and predictable story lines to make it "Christian" art. Whew, close call. It could have been creative and original. That wouldn't be allowed in the church.


I agree with everyone that the first trailer is terrible. What fascinates me is that when "Christian" movies come out the christian population eats it up. I remember all my friends telling me I had to see Fireproof or the Left Behind moveis.

It seems to me that it is almost the same thought process as electing Christians into political positions. If we can just saturate media with "Christian" versions of things we will be more Christian.

Grant Wood

"What do you know of hell creature?!"

My favorite part...this film will go to movie hell after it dies.


YES! This cinches an ongoing debate I have had about Fireproof. No doubting the message, but the delivery is almost impossible to sit through. Context is almost as important as content.

Derrick Riley

A white man in a black leather jacket is an accurate depiction of Satan, right?

Bethany Stolle

Ugh. Can't Christians come up with original ideas? And embrace subtlety?

Dustin Turner

Brutal. I couldn't even finish the first hurt me to watch it.

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