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March 21, 2011




I read all the comments to this post. You have more patience than I would have that's for sure! I think you handled this well. No one who knows you would say some of the spiteful comments you are getting. I hope you don't let it bother you.



Melanie Cook

"I also stated that I am not a "Universalist" if being one means there are no consequences of sin, no judgment, no hell, and that people can spend eternity in God's presence without the saving work of our Lord Jesus Christ. No one comes to the Father, except through the salvific work of Jesus Christ."

What if by "Universalist" I mean someone who believes that all people will eventually end up in heaven? "George de Benneville in America, taught that God would grant all human beings salvation. Those in America teaching this became known as the Universalists."

"At around 12 years of age de Benneville was sent to sea as a midshipman, and his ship was sent as part of a small fleet on a diplomatic mission to the Barbary Coast. While in Algiers, he observed that the behavior of some Moors who had been atttending a fallen friend was more Christian than his own. Back home, he had a vision of himself "burning as a firebrand in hell." After more than a year of depression, during which he felt oppressed by unforgivable sins, he had another vision, this one of Jesus telling him that he had been redeemed and was forgiven."

"Late in his residence in Germany de Benneville underwent a second life-changing experience. Ill with a fever and "reduced almost to a skeleton," de Benneville was kept alive by being fed like a baby. He recalled that in this state he was taken to a dreamlike region where the inhabitants, "clothed in garments as white as snow," proclaimed to him the good news of "the restoration of all the human species without exception." After saying farewell to de Marsay and his other friends, de Benneville felt himself "die by degrees" and felt his spirit depart from his body. He was escorted by guardians through the regions traditionally called "heaven" and "hell." In hell his compassion was such that "I took it so to heart that I believed my happiness would be incomplete while one creature remained miserable." One of his guardians comforted him with a vision of the eventual restoration of all life. Forty-two hours after he had been declared dead, de Benneville awoke in his coffin. He returned to life with a renewed mission: to preach "the universal and everlasting gospel of boundless, universal love for the entire human race." "

George de Benneville belived in the consequences of sin, judgement, and hell and yet what he taught became known as Universalism. If this is what you believe why do you shy away from being called a Universalist?

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