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June 29, 2011


Heather Campbell

Freakin amen! This really puts into words what I've been feeling lately. I'm a southern baptist, and many of my leaders tick me off with what they are "fighting for." I'm tired of being associated with my denomination because of how they act. How about we stay out of politics and go and make disciples? Geez... :)

Kevin Boer

Great thoughts. How do we move beyond what we are against to who we are for?


Jeff King

I'm sure the world will fall at the feet of Jesus now that they know we are against yoga. Whew!!! That was a close call.

Brittany Lotito

Great Quote! I love yoga, and it really connects my mind body and soul to my maker. I read your book Presence Centered Youth Ministry. I'm recommending it to everyone I know! Definitely God is using it as a turning point in my life.... Hope all is well. -Brittany Lotito (Salvation Army)


Thanks Brittany for you kind words. Blessings to you.


Hey Jeff,

Yep, it seems so ridiculous. I've never done Yoga so I guess I'm still "in".


I hear this all the time! I've taught yoga for years, practice it regularly and, soul seems healthier and closer to God. But, I've been called a heretic before. At least I'm in good company.

Heather Campbell

At my college we call the yoga class "stretching and strengthening." :)


I think it should be mentioned that the original question in the pew forum survey did ask about "engaging in yoga as a spiritual practice" which is slightly different than going to a yoga class period. Not much difference, but with a question phrased in such a way, it's easy to see why so many evangelicals answered the way they did. (other questions on the survey were potentially misleading as well, such as the reading the bible literally question).

This does not discount the idea behind the post/original article but it's possible that using this yoga stat is slightly misleading

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