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June 22, 2011


maggi dawn

very excited for you Mike! Many prayers for the first Wild Goose, I hope it is a brilliant success.

Mike King

Thanks Maggi, I wish you were here. I hope to see you at Greenbelt in August. Peace to you.

Alice Hague

Looking forward to it!

Bob Scott

We will hopefully see you tomorrow afternoon. Poor Elizabeth has gotten real sick. I think she kissed to many sniffy grandchildren this last weekend!

cheryl reinhardt

Thinking of and praying for you. Wish I was there - Cheryl

Mike King

“While Christianity tears itself apart, another group (that has always existed) is gathering among the fringes of the flock. The fringe likely consists of greater numbers than the core, because many if not most of the members of the community of doubt have come from the church-proper to now stand slightly outside the fire. The simple conclusion that I have drawn is this: the circumference is greater than the center. We need to understand that exclusion is a dangerous game, and that we are called to love; not judge. When we reach the stars, we will learn that only when we touched the unlovable with compassion, did we truly meet Jesus face-to-face. In my opinion, the movement that is the Wild Goose is touching that vein, and feeling the pulse of The Christ in the Earth and approximately 1,700 of us participated in this life-changing moment that might become known as the Woodstock of the next generation and the new order of ministry.” —Lee Smith, Word of Balance

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