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July 27, 2011



Love it! Like so many things we (parents)must learn the art of living in tension or with paradox. On one hand, trying to "drive" our children, as if they were a car, to a destination of our choice, simply violates who they are as "wonderfully created human beings". On the other hand our children long for and want our involvement and guidance in their lives. We must not leave them on their own by either allowing ourselves to be distracted with other pursuits or by allowing the popular stories of today, like "athletic super-star", write the scripts for their lives. I want to be involved in my children's lives as a non-anxious presence, trusting the Holy Spirit will use me (and others) to do her work in their lives.


Good word Jamie and by the way, you are a great parent.

Grant Wood

Appreciate these words from you Mike and Jamie...the performance pressure is so huge for parents, and it leaves little room for presence and nurturance.

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