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August 29, 2011


Deon Kitching

Thanks Mike. I agree 100% with you. I think we need youth pastors and youth workers for another very significant reason and that is to help the body of Christ come up with serious and legit answers to the question: "Do we (post-Google world) really need the (a) church?"
And evidently they should help our generation to establish the look and feel of this new "body". Young people are the canaries in the mine when it comes to changing culture...

Gavin Richardson

i never knew this was a 'thing' till a read about it years ago (i believe in 4 models of youth ministry book). my mainline context, church planting is equivalent to moving a mountain or putting toothpaste back in the tube, it just doesn't happen, so it is pretty much a moot point.

i wonder if too many youth workers get caught up in the 'on stage' part of their work and fall into an idea that being pastor feeds that favorite part (been reading a lot about narcissism lately mike). don't feel this is of ill intent, but we always do the things we feel are most worthwhile and generally easiest and those front and center stage times are very visible and can be easily construed as important. when in actuality those less visible times are the most shaping just less than visible.

Mark Dodrill

Hi Mike, Your comments are dead center and at the heart of my recent thought and reflection. Many of the best movements of church renewal are being birthed through youth ministry or former youth ministers, but there is an important place for those who continue in the field and deepen its roots and contributions to the church as a whole. One of the best youth ministry journals I know is published in Spain by the Salesian movement and called Misión Joven. The contributors are all involved in lifelong ministry to youth and youth leaders. A lifetime of reflection provides a lot of food for thought.

Mike King

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your comment. Are you still in Spain. I thought about trying to contact you when I was in Barcelona recently.



Mark Dodrill

Hi Mike,

Yes, I am still in Barcelona, although I am currently on sabbatical in Indianapolis until December 1. But let me know if you come by Barcelona again. You are very welcome to stop by anytime.

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