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May 31, 2012



Thank you for sharing. Way more thoughtful discourse on these new realities needs to take place, both in education and in ministry.

Sean Lee

I saw this article, too, and passed this on to the staff at my church and ... shared it with my son (who really likes his xbox ... that was an interesting conversation).
The schizophrenic attitude that Americans have toward what captures their imagination is amazing:
We know that it's unhealthy to play hours and hours of "gaming" - and yet we do it. (I love 'em, but some of the weirdest, most socially inept people I know spend the majority of their time "gaming.")
We know that it's emotionally unhealthy (and why can't I say it's "perverse"?!) and dangerous to relationships to immerse ourselves in on-line porn - and yet our culture normalizes it and fights for it.
I'm not advocating Government sponsored censorship, but public conversation and "policy of the heart" that affirms: This is not about personal liberty or rights - this is about rightness and wisdom; Look down the road and the logical consequences of our actions - do we want to be there?

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