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January 31, 2014


kevin heller

Thanks for your post have inspired me to push my Parents (who also have never been to Hawaii) to join us the next time we go! Thanks also to my wife, Lesley, for taking the time to send me the link and suggest that I look at it. Enjoyed meeting you last weekend Mike and thank you for all that you do for those less fortunate then we are! God bless you buddy!

Mike King

Thank you for your kind words Kevin. I loved hanging with you. Loved your energy and encouragement.

Lilly Lewin

Just read your beautiful post about your dad! Sitting in the sacred space prayer room praying for you ! Allow the new sunsets to keep reminding you of the fun & beauty that your dad shared w everyone and let the rain share your tears. Love to your whole family.


Beautiful reflection. Praying for you, friend.

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